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    A & L Youth and Family Service is hoping to work shoulder-to-shoulder with community organizations, activists, and state agencies. We plan on using insights and ideas from real people to guide us to real solutions that break down barriers to meet the needs of the community and improve the quality of life for young people in meaningful ways. The future is uncertain for millions of kids , even more so with education and support systems disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As millions of out-of-work community member s look toward recovery, young people need A & L Youth and Family Services now more than ever to build the essential skills they will need to succeed in a competitive workforce. With a safe space and positive mentors to guide them, today’ s youth will exceed beyond the circumstances that surround them and meet the challenges of employer s who are reimagining the future of jobs in America.


    VISION ALYFS enables young people to achieve great futures by providing a safe place, caring adult mentors and highimpact programming where youth can build the skills and experiences to be life- and workforce-ready.


    MISSION ALYFS enables young people to achieve great futures by providing a safe place, caring adult mentors and highimpact programming where youth can build the skills and experiences to be life- and workforce-ready. We take pride in finding diverse, engaging, and effective opportunities for our young men, women and mentors to be involved in to help our mentees learn servantleadership in the community.


    There will come a time in a child’s life that they will encounter moments of growth and times of transition. These times are best navigated with the encouragement and understanding of someone they can trust and can provide support and guidance. More than anything, they need consistent, reinforced positive counsel and support. e you.


    However, for a child without a solid support system, this need is magnified. They could be burdened with poverty, abuse, single-parent household, or other debilitating family circumstances. These could easily be some of the children that we embrace within the programs we have established. Without the benefit of a mentor or positive adult role models, these same children may end up perpetuating the same life and issues as they transition into their adult lives. These are the lives that ALYFS help change-but only with the financial support of people like you.



    ALYFS is closing the opportunity and job readiness gap by preparing youth for successin their first job and helping them develop a plan to pursue the career of their dreams.The ALYFS experience engages youth in relevant learning opportunities, provides exposureto different career opportunities, and equips kids and teens with the skills to succeed. We cannot address the nation’s workforce needs alone but relies on meaningful public and private partnerships to identify solutions and strategies to support youth as they prepare for a career. Through a network of industry, nonprofit, government and education partners, ALYFS is increasing access to a variety of career exploration and work experiences for local organization and business.


    Although the long-term economic impacts of COVID-19 are still unknown, the workplaces have been severely impacted, and employers are examining how their employees will work and interact in the future. Essential skillslike collaboration and adaptability, which were in high demand prior to the health crisis will become more important for those entering the workforce as the nation comes together to rebuild and recover. Communities need ALYFS more than ever to help young people stay on the right path with so many changes around them. From an early age through young adulthood, supportive ALYFS mentors will provide opportunities to explore careers and prepare youth with the foundational and essential skills to become work and life ready. ALYFS will also offer teens access to real-lifework experiences through internships and apprenticeships.




    Essential-skill Development

    Formal and informal learning experiences for youth ages 6-18 to build skills that support social emotional development through every developmental stage.


    Career Exposure

    Targeted programming for youth ages 6-18 that provides discovery opportunities, career assessments, planning and insights into both traditional and non- traditional career fields throughBMG programming and community business partnerships.


    Employability Skills and Certifications

    Youth ages 13-30 build skills like interviewing, resume-writing, financial literacy, and technical skills for employment. Participant will have the opportunities to obtain certifications in specific areas such as CPR first aid, food service, babysitting.


    A & L Youth and Family Services was founded in 2021 by Anthony and Lateshia Jackson, an African American couple who saw a need in their community for change.

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